Mining In Maine

The environment is a precious thing and this is why the Native People of the land that we live on today used to look at the world as their mother. Western culture has lost touch with these concepts of the world and now, the earth is looked at more of a commodity and a resource as it is looked at as a home and a life giver. Maine is different then the rest of the United States in many ways, but one of them is the concept that there is of the natural world. Urbanization has taken a long time to hit the Eastern state of Maine, and for this reason, the state has also maintained a lot of its natural integrity, while correcting some of the mistakes that they have taken in the past.

Wilderness is slipping away from the rest of the world and now Maine may be heading down a road were nature will take the back seat like it does in the rest of the world. One example that I have seen of this that I find to be troubling is the new mining rules that are trying to be set up in the state of Maine. Like I have been saying, Maine has always had very strict environmental policy, but for all of its natural bounty, Maine also has a large wealth of minerals and other natural substances that humans can use as a product. But you can not extract anything out of the ground without causing harm to the entirety of the earth. The Bangor Daily News explains, “By Maine DEP’s own admission, even with extreme vigilance, metallic mineral mining will contaminate ground and surface waters of Maine. That’s why the mining rules just finalized make such astonishing allowances for decades — to generations of waste treatment — before water quality standards must be met” ( Water supplies could be destroyed, along with the habitat for many creatures. It has been proven that these forms of mining are dangerous for water around the mining area along with for the life that also lives in the area.

At this point it does not look like the regulations will be altered at least to the specifications on the original plan, but it is scary to me that this is a question. I understand that Maine needs to do something in a big way to get people to come to Maine and stay in Maine, but at what cost. The Natural world is one of the reasons why Maine is such a different and beautiful place. I do think that there are a lot of things that need to change in Maine state government, but environmental regulations are not one.




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